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Question: What's the maximum size that a can a car be that's called a MINI? Answer: Exactly 4 meters and 10 centimeters long, or 162 inches. Wouldn't 'cha know, that's exactly the length of the latest MINI Crossover concept from the diminutive brand? Moving forward, it sounds as if there will be two different platforms for future products from BMW's MINI brand, and both of them could be shared with Fiat. One of them could end up being a bit larger than the current Cooper, the other just a bit smaller. We are left wondering if the MINI brand will be blessed with the long-rumored Isetta revival as opposed to its parent company.

Rumors also abound regarding the powertrain of future MINI products. Engines seem likely to be supplied by Fiat moving forward, with a 1.6-liter four cylinder for the Cooper and a possible twin cylinder powerplant for the Isetta revival. Whatever the case, Mini Global Brand Manager Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht assures us that it will be cute and fun to drive.

[Source: Inside Line]

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