Tomorrow and Friday, GM is hosting a biofuels seminar in Chicago. We'll be bringing you full coverage from the Windy City, but before we head over, we wanted to check up on what Coskata has been up to, considering that our friend Wes Bolsen will be on hand and we'll get an update directly from him. The company hasn't put out any press releases since April, but that doesn't mean nothing has happened.
Greentechmedia mentioned that the biofuel company should be just about finished with a third round of funding, which will probably be a big one. On top of a $25 million demonstration plant being built in Pennsylvania, Earth2Tech writes about a new $400 million Coskata plant in Florida in partnership with U.S. Sugar Corp. Whatever the general discussion is in Chicago, we'll make sure to get the official response from Coskata to these claims that there's simply no way they can make cellulosic ethanol for $1 a gallon. Stay tuned.

[Source: Greentechmedia]

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