Back in June, the Chinese government increased the price of gas by an astonishing 16.7-percent overnight in an effort to pass the increased price of oil to its consumers. Since then, the Olympics have come and gone and the city of Beijing has instituted measures to improve the city's air quality.
Included in the city's efforts are higher taxes for large cars and lowered taxes for hybrids. The city is also attempting to limit the automotive traffic on its crowded city streets. Now, the city has again raised the price of both gasoline and diesel fuel by 2-4%. This price increase not only continues to bring fuel prices in China closer to those of the rest of the world, but also allows the government to use fuel that meets the current Euro IV standard. Since March of this year, Beijing has banned the sale of all cars that don't meet those same emissions standards, and they will soon have the fuel to match. By the way, the image on the right is the word "Beijing" in Chinese. Thanks, Wikipedia!

[Source: Gasgoo]

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