Simply put, the U.S. economy is in the crapper. Stocks are yoyoing and our mortgages are a fraction of what they were even a year ago. For all that's fiscally wrong here in the States, there is one pleasant side effect: the price of a barrel of oil is dropping faster than Kimbo Slice against a two bit hack. Oil dropped 6% in trading on Monday, bringing down the price of a barrel of crude to $87.81. Black Gold has been on a downward trajectory since July 11, when it peaked at $147 per barrel. Since then, demand has weakened both in the U.S. and China, with demand slacking so badly that the Communist government hasn't purchased any oil in two months, and it's even selling some of its stockpiles.
While demand for oil is down to where it was eight months ago, OPEC is watching with a wary eye. The oil consortium, which on several occasions has increased oil production over the past year, is likely to slash production when it meets again in December. In the short term, industry experts are predicting that gas prices will drop below the $3 mark by November 1, which will make for one piece of good news in an otherwise lousy news cycle.

[Source: Reuters]

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