Lexus big boss in Europe Andy Pfeiffenberger was interviewed by news agency Europa Press and discussed the future of the brand and his perspectives on the auto industry. First and foremost, Pfeiffenberger stated that hybrids are here to stay: they aren't just going to be mated to gasoline engines, they can be used for virtually all powertrains, including hydrogen, and he stated that that's where the future is. Speaking about the future of the auto market, he said that Lexus was ready for a more difficult market. CO2 regulations in Europe have placed the marque ahead of the competition, although sales have dropped by 11 percent. Last, but not least, he announced a new subcompact model to compete against the BMW 1-Series or the Audi A3, a segment where Lexus doesn't have a presence, currently. Just for fun, we checked out how the Lexus badge looks on an Auris, Toyota's subcompact hatchback on sale in Europe. Like it? Edited: Thanks to Joaquin for noticing the wrong link.

[Source: Europa Press]

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