The second U.S. presidential candidate debate is tonight, and it's likely that energy policy will come up in some fashion. Central casting's best-named oil man, T. Boone Pickens, wants to make sure the debate starts a bigger discussion on energy use in America and so he is hosting an "online rally" tonight during and following the debate. Barack Obama and John McCain are scheduled to being a 9 p.m. EST, and that's when the rally starts as well.
Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope will join Pickens for a rally that "will feature live video from Pickens Plan HQ in Dallas and you will have an opportunity to submit questions and comments about America's energy future." Pickens unveiled his self-titled Pickens Plan - big on wind energy and natural gas - in July and he laid out his political attitude for 2008 when we heard him speak back in May. Let's just say that Mr. Swift Boat wants John McCain to win, but is much less partisan this time around than he was in 2004. Since both McCain and Obama have met privately with Pickens this year, we can take serious his group's statement that, "We will be delivering a copy of your questions and comments to both Presidential candidates, so don't miss this opportunity to lend your voice to the call for American energy independence!" I'll take a pass on the "rally" tonight, but if you join up, I'd like to hear your report in the comments section.

[Source: Pickens Plan]

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