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Lee Iacocca, the man that many ascribe Chrysler's pivotal '80s K-Car, minivan and government loan guarantees to, has just been delivered the keys to the first Chrysler hybrid vehicle. It is a bit interesting to compare the time period in which Iacocca first took the helm of the Chrysler Corporation with that of today. In the early '80s, Chrysler was hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate, much like it likely is today (now privately owned, the automaker does not make its financial records public knowledge any longer). Chrysler's former president and chairman pushed forward small, front-wheel drive cars inspired by those in Europe, much like is presently taking place with Ford. Lastly, Iacocca has been a strong opponent to the country's increase in foreign oil use, a problem that is currently rearing its ugly head and a hot topic in everybody's mind. So, while the Aspen isn't exactly going to set the world on fire due to its sales, it's a symbolic vehicle in that it's Chrysler's first vehicle with the fuel-saving hybrid technology. And that the first one goes to Lee Iacocca.

[Source: The Oakland Press]

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