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Many people choose their car because it is an extension of themselves, their personality, their style and their passion. These folks tend to forge a deep attachment with their automobile, an inanimate object void of emotion. Despite that fact, a vehicle has wants and needs of its own, and some can be more demanding than a small child. As with any parent, there are curious automobile owners who often wonder, where did my baby come from? Recently 134 Chevrolet Cobalt fans got the chance to find out.

Back on September 27th, GM opened up the Lordstown, OH plant for 85 lucky owners and their guests. It was a rare chance for many to view the inner workings of an automotive assembly line, without a need to join the UAW. Event attendees received a full facility tour, on site lunch meet and greet, and of course freebee swag. Not surprisingly, the majority of the Cobalt fan base stemmed from the website

The SS is about the only Chevy compact that can muster up an emotional following, as evident in the video of John Heinricy tossing the 2008 model around the Nurburgring. The turbocharged ECOtech powered econo car is just one of the models currently produced at the Lordstown plant. The massive facility is also slated to make the Cobalt replacement, the Cruze. Check out the gallery below to view photos from the event.

Cobalt's Come Home

By: Corey Mullane

There's something special about your birthplace, where no matter where you end up, coming home always has a special feeling to it. This Saturday we invited ECOtec owners to come back to the birthplace of the Cobalt and get in on an exclusive tour of the entire facility. From frame construction to final assembly, the owners that attended got an unprecedented look at how their car was built and who put their car together.

There were a total of 134 people that attended the owners meet with eighty five ECOtec owners bringing their vehicles to the Lordstown facility. A majority of these owners came from, an online community of Cobalt enthusiasts, and brought their customized Cobalt's to Lordstown from as far away as Texas and Mississippi to come see a tour of the plant. We hooked everyone up with special one-off Cobalt hats, posters, frisbees, stickers and tons of other goodies. We also set up a special catered lunch for all the owners, so that after their tour of the plant, they could sit down, relax and hang out with their long lost brothers.

The Lordstown Plant Facility is the highest volume single line vehicle assembly facility in the world with the main assembly building measuring over five million square feet and the full production line measuring over twenty one miles long. There are approximately 5,000 workers that put their individual touch into every single Cobalt before it leaves the Lordstown Facility. These workers work in shifts to produce roughly 1,500 Cobalt's a day, which sometimes isn't enough to meet demand!

Everyone at the Lordstown Plant couldn't have been happier to have all the owners at their facility and they couldn't have been better hosts. We'd like to thank all of the Lordstown men and women for opening their arms to all the ECOtec owners and making this VIP owner's event as special as it was.

Keep in mind that you can only register for these VIP ECOtec Owners Meet's on, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one coming to a city near you. To see what you missed, you can check out the pictures from the event here. And remember, you can leave comments for us about the event and about where you'd like to see future events. So drop us a line below, we'd love to hear from you!


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