As day 2 of the Marathon draws to a close we're approaching Cleveland. We left Capitol Hill in D.C. about seven and half hours and 400 miles ago in the Q7 TDI. The fuel gauge is showing just under half a tank of diesel left and the diesel SUV is clearly in its natural element cruising the interstates through Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Just before we left D.C. this morning we got the official results from day one and my co-driver and I averaged 28.8 mpg on the run from New York. Right now the trip computer is showing 30.5 mpg. The top Q7 on day one averaged 30.6 mpg although that driver was running solo. Moving down the size scale, the Q5s ranged from 32.3 mpg to 38.0 mpg powered by the same 3.0L V6 diesel as the Q7. Among the cars, the best A4 managed 40.6 mpg with the V6 while Denise McCluggage and Kate McLeod pushed their A3 TDI to 46.7 mpg with no attempt to hyper-mile. Tomorrow it's off to Chicago.

Our travel and lodging for this media event was provided by the manufacturer.

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