Not quite sure what to make of this, but it appears that someone in Victoria, British Columbia has just sold a 1998 EV1 for $465,000 (about $431,835 U.S.). We got a tip from Patrick J. who said that he spotted the ad but was unable to get a hold of the seller before his or her contact information was taken off the ad. Currently the listing claims the vehicle is "SOLD" and the price is the aforementioned $465K. That's quite a jump from the minimum asking price of $75,000, and maybe prompted the transfer, even though the seller wrote: "Don't really want to sell it but I am taking offers." The seller added that the car's been in storage for four years and that "GM still wants the car so I'm looking for car collectors only, depending on the offer."

In any case, if anyone in Oak Bay happens to see an EV1 cruising the streets, think about stopping the driver and asking what they paid for the car. We're all ears.

[Source: Used Victoria]

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