While we old-fashioned, glued-to-keyboard bloggers had to wait until the official reveal to get a glimpse Nissan's latest EV concept, new-fangled video blogger Danny Fleet got actual face time with both the Nuvu and a representative from the Japanese auto maker before the Paris Motor Show even started and recorded some of the low down on the concept and the company's EV future plans with his trusty camera. He even got them to drive it a very short distance.

While there weren't any "Holy Cow! Really?" moments, we did learn a bit that wasn't covered in the lengthy Nuvu press release. For instance, this is not the electric car that Nissan is planning on selling in 2010. Also, although Danny couldn't get Mia to discuss Nissan's involvement with Project Better Place we do learn that the 2010 EV will first be made available in the U.S. and Japan before the rest of the world gets it. Hit the jump for more info and hot vlogging action.

[Source: Danny's Contentment]

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