You know what they say: "Buy low and sell high." General Motors stock closed at $9.45 on September 30, which is 78% below its 52-week high of $43.20. That little piece of news, coupled with GM's enormous financial losses and declining sales, makes stock in the 100-year-old company sound like a bad bet, but employees don't agree. The low price of GM shares has lead workers to snatch up all available employee purchasable stock, which is capped by volume in the company's two 401(k) programs. As a result, GM employees can no longer buy stock in the automaker through the company. Because of the share freeze, GM executives are also not allowed to buy, sell or trade any of the company's stock during this time due to the Sarbanes Oxley act. To obtain more employee purchasable shares for its 401(k) program, GM has to register more shares with the SEC, which is expected to happen on November 9.

[Source: Detroit Free Press, Photo by jzakariya | CC2.0]

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