Speculation about Ferrari building a sedan has repeatedly cropped up over the past couple decades, and Ferrari denies it every time it does. As Aston Martin, Porsche and now Lamborghini have been working on four-door cars lately, the idea that Ferrari might has gained even more traction. It looks like the Sultan of Brunei will have to continue relying on Pininfarina and other coach builders for his four-door Ferraris. Today in Paris, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo applied full carbon brakes to that theory as he stated in no uncertain terms that as long as he was holding the top office at the sports car maker, "We will never do a four-door." Wtih Ferrari selling its sports cars and GTs as fast as they can be built, Montezemolo is content to let corporate sibling Maserati handle the task of building exotic Italian four-doors.

While Ferrari owners are by definition people of considerable means, they and the company are still not immune to modern realities when it comes to both fuel prices and environmental regulation. At this years Detroit Auto Show, Ferrari displayed an F430 Spyder that could run on E85 ethanol. Similarly, the F1 side of the house is currently developing a kinetic energy recovery (KERS) hybrid drive system that, like current semi-automatic transmissions, could migrate to production vehicles. According to Montezemolo, Ferrari will not be building a V10 engine either as an upgrade to the V8 or downgrade from the V12.

[Source: Automobile]

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