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Click above for high-res gallery of live Lamborghini Estoque shots from Paris

You've seen the whole Estoque shebang in Lamborghini's words, pictures, and videos. Let us add our own word to it: hmmm. It's a Lamborghini, so it's hard not to like it. And we hate to tread out the refrain, but it's much nicer in person. It feels, though, like they wanted to get this thing done in time for the show, and it needs a couple more drafts. The front aspect is spot on -- not a tough feat since it's Lamborghini's language. From the side, the it looks a little too stretched forward of the A-pillar, and there's more than one personality fighting for attention if you follow the car from snout to rear. And the back, while beautiful, is... yes... Challenger-esque... But don't take our words for it -- have a look at the high-res gallery below and give us yours.

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