Click above for more shots of basketball players in a Toyota iQ

Toyota's new iQ minicar is set to do battle with the smart fortwo, offering a few key differences in its favor. Most notably, the new iQ has what Toyota calls a 3+1 seating arrangement. In other words, three normal humans (including the driver) will fit fine and a fourth one or a small child can ride along in a pinch. Hmm. We know that NBA star Shaquille O'Neill can fit just fine in the little smart -- he owns one. So, we wonder... how many basketball players could fit in the Toyota?

Apparently, we weren't the only ones wondering about the B-Baller capacity of Toyota's new machine. Members of the London Capital Paws basketball team met at the Royal College of Art where the iQ is currently doing duty. We have video proof after the break that three ballers, two fans and a coach all piled inside an iQ. We didn't say they were comfortable... or legal to drive that way. A new pop culture event in the making? Mayhaps.

[Source: iMotor]


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