When you hear the brand "Go-Ped" mentioned it may bring to mind a cool stand-up scooter with a tiny buzzy two-stroke engine powering the rear wheel and that is indeed the type of vehicle that Patmont Motor Werx has been best known for these past 24 years. However, since 2004 they have been producing electric versions of their minimalist transporters that take full advantage of the Go-Ped platform with its unique Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) suspension system. Although the range of 12 miles with lead-acid batteries is good enough to make some of us at ABG wish one would magically appear in his garage (Mom?), the company has just added a lithium ion battery option that makes they scooters lighter and go much farther.

How much lighter and how much farther? Well, with the 4 li-ion pack option you can get up to 28 miles in economy mode which makes the machine weigh in at 48 lbs. (The lead acid version is 67 lbs.) That's far enough to get most people to work or school and light enough to fold and carry up a flight of stairs if you have to. Top speed is 20 mph and this baby can climb some hills. If you don't like standing on your scooter there is a seat available, as well as a basket. For bigger loads they even have a "Go-Wagon" available. Unfortunately, they don't give them away for free and this made-in-America scooter runs between $1,006.88 and $2,998 depending on the model and battery option. While not cheap, hopefully they prove the adage, "You get what you pay for." Bonus video after the break.

[Source: Go-Ped]

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