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Being able to complain that hauling your 34-foot Airstream around means leaving your full-dresser Harley at home for vacation strikes us as an enviable problem to have. For those of you with a surfeit of high-end toys and a longing to hit the road, Airstream has you covered with its new PanAmerica model. Being a high-end product itself, the PanAmerica sports Airstream's trademark aluminum construction and mid-century modern styling that ensures it's perpetually in vogue. The best part of the trailer, however, is that it sports a garage in its aft compartment that can swallow a pair of motorcycles, some ATVs, or our current favorite, a red Radio Flyer wagon. The garage has an 11-foot depth and is comprehensively equipped with tie downs and wheel clamps so your scooter will stay put while you drag everything over mountain passes.

The dragging part will require a pretty beefy tow vehicle. You'll want your pickup to have the largest available engine to cope with the 11,500-pound gross weight rating. Once you've docked your rig at camp, it's nothing but traditional Airstream class inside, meaning stainless appliances, indirect lighting, and snazzy cabinetry. It all looks like some kind of 1950's Brasserie, and if we had 85 large to drop on a jet-age home away from home (and a truck brawny enough to pull it), we'd be blogging from various bucolic undisclosed locations on a daily basis.


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