Click above for more shots of Garth, the green VW Camper Van

Today we've stumbled on something that's a bit outside the normal realm of green transportation, but it fits nicely on our pages anyway. After all, what's greener than recycling something that otherwise had used up its usefulness? For vacationers in Hawaii, there are surely a huge number of choices when it comes time to choose a place to stay, but if travelers want something a little outside of the ordinary, they can consider spending the night in an old Volkswagen Camper Van that's been converted into a stationary shelter. There are currently two buses to choose from, each with a slightly different theme. Both vehicles have two beds, one up top and one inside, along with solar lighting and an ocean view.

After reading through the extensive list of what each vehicle offers, it's clear that the people in charge really care about their environment. Everything inside and outside was chosen for its low eco-impact, including the chemicals used to clean the two buses up. This is definitely a different way to spend a few days in paradise.

[Source: Lova Lava Land via Ecofriend]

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