Something tells me that the more fuel-efficient Ford models can't get to America soon enough for Ford dealers. The news out today is that FoMoCo's U.S. sales dropped like a Mike Gravel-thrown rock - 34 percent - in September. Truck sales were down 39.5 percent last month (22.3 percent so far in 2008) and car sales fell 19 percent in September (6.3 percent this year). While part of the problem is that Ford's gas-hungry line-up just isn't selling when gas prices are still quite high, the overall economic situation in the U.S. means that a lot of customers can't get credit. According to AFP, Ford sales analyst George Pipas expects overall auto sales dropped 30 percent in September (GM's September sales were down 16 percent). Still, Ford is holding out hope that the new F-150 - due in November - will spark sales. At least they've got a high-mileage version coming.

UPDATE: Autoblog crunches the numbers and it turns out that Hummer is last month's biggest loser.

[Source: AFP]

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