A Route 666 sign would look right at home in the shop next to the Fiat crest that's displayed on the wall. In fact, they may share a meaning. It seems we're not the only ones that chuckle when the number of the beast pops up on road signs. Barnegat, New Jersey can't keep mile marker 66.6 on either its Parkway or Turnpike. Whenever the signs are replaced, they're stolen again. The situation is much the same further north in Morris County, where so many Route 666 signs went missing that New Jersey changed the route designation to 665. There's a joke in here somewhere about hell rides on Jersey roads, but it happens elsewhere in the country, as well. The former interstate 666, which runs through Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado, was renamed Route 491, though there are certainly some drivers that continue to drive like hell no matter what road they're on.
[Source: AOL Autos, Photo: Brad Templeton]

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