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Ever wonder what an Audi R8 would look like if it were to transform into a speedboat? Neither had we, but maybe it would look a bit like this machine, developed by a Swedish company named Vizualtech. The most notable styling element of the R8 are its contrasting blades of color just aft of the doors, and these make the transition to Vizualtech's catamaran along with the integrated fuel-filler. At the rear are large openings with strakes that mimic the look of the R8's hind-end nicely. One thing that the Audi doesn't have are this catamaran's gull-wing doors. We expect Audi to drop a V10 engine in the R8's engine bay soon enough, and this sea worthy ship will feature one of its own, though powered by biodiesel and making about 320-horsepower. Top speed falls a bit behind the vehicle that inspired its design at 110 miles per hour, but that's supercar speed on the water.

[Source: ZER Customs]

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