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The Progressive Auto X Prize has gotten over 100 teams that have expressed an interest in competing in next year's competition. While a lot of these teams are small groups with big dreams, the X Prize foundation has repeatedly said they'd like the OEMs to enter. Early this year, the X Prize approached major automakers but they declined to participate.

Now, with the Chevy Volt, we have a vehicle that might get a 100 mpg rating from the feds. While the government's rating is not what the X Prize will be using to determine their MPGe numbers, we got to thinking: what if GM enters the Volt into the X Prize? It seems like a good publicity move, but would the General entering the competition be like Goliath crashing David's birthday party? Would the Volt even have a shot at winning, in your view? Also, there is a risk here, a big risk: what if the Volt were to lose to a high school team, how would that make GM look?

So, that leave us with the original question. Whaddya think?

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