Officially launched at the British International Motor Show in July by NICE Car Company, MyCar was named electric vehicle of the year by GreenFleet this past Thursday in Twickenham, England. Sporting space for two occupants and born of an Italian pen, the tiny car from Hong Kong captured judges hearts by combining a stylish and practical design with low running costs. In the land where it will be sold, the all-electric MyCar gets to forgo congestion charges and road tax and, depending on where you juice up the batteries, can cost as little as 2 pence a mile to operate. Hopefully the prize will inspire an orderly queue of potential owners to form in preparation for the cars arrival to the NICE sales floor sometime next month. Cost of admission into the 40 mph / 40 mile range vehicle is a mere £8,995 ($16,220). The options list is quite interesting and we expect lots of takers for 15 inch wheels, leather, bluetooth and laptop dock.

As with every contest there were winners and losers runners-up. Two notable notables were the Th!nk City and the truck from Modec. The Th!nk City is all-electric and designed to be recycled while Modec is said to be making the first purpose-built electric light commercial vehicle. Although the Th!nk City has yet to go on sale in Britain (soon, we hope) according to GreenFleet there are over 110 copies of the Modec vehicle already on the streets displacing more than 990 tonnes of CO2 per year.

[Source: GreenFleet]

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