Click above for high-res gallery of Krasnov Igor's four-door Ferrari

Since everyone else is getting in on the four-door supercar game, Ferrari might as well give one of its cars the taffy pull treatment. Rather than wait for one of the design houses classically associated with the Prancing Horse to apply masterstrokes of design, Russian enthusiast Krasnov Igor came up with his own quad portal thoroughbred. We're not thrilled with the results, but we'll bestow an A for effort. Looking like a Scaglietti that got tossed in the blender with an Elise's roof and a Lamborghini tail, the wheelbase and proportions just don't look quite right. Perhaps the Lambo tail is a nod to the car's intended role as a competitor to the Lamborghini Urus/Estoque/whatevertheywannacallit, but we're thinking that car's styling will be far more cohesive. Thanks for the tip, Greg!


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