Although they have yet to show off a prototype of their electrical energy storage unit (EESU) to a very curious public, the mysterious EEStor company has inked yet another deal. This time the future beneficiary of the super-duper capacitor is the Light Electric Vehicles Company (LightEVs) headed by Carl Watkins, former president of the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company (NEVCO), the company which brought the world the Gizmo EV. The world-wide "Exclusive Technology Agreement" grants LightEVs the rights to build and/or license two and three-wheeled electric vehicles powered by EEStor's EESU. Of the agreement Mr. Watkins says, "We are extremely happy to reach an agreement with EEStor to provide its new battery technology to the bicycle, scooter and motorcycle markets of the world. We have watched EEStor continue to make progress in proving their ability to produce ultra-high performance multilayered barium titanate ceramic capacitors in production quantities. They have met or exceeded each of their technology milestones, as verified by outside laboratories, and the remaining steps all utilize well established industry techniques."

In spite of their previously announced deals with Zenn Motor Company and Lockheed Martin, skepticism about the device seems to abound amongst those who frequent the website dedicated to eeverything EEStor, The site, headed by an equally mysterious un-named blogger who answers only to the name of "B.", still has some true believers but a contractual agreement with a company with no existing product is not likely to gain any new conversions. Still, it all makes for interesting reading and "B" even lands interviews with the head of EEStor, Dick Weir, as well as other key players in this slowly unfolding techno-drama.



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