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If the BMW X3 isn't ugly or space-inefficient enough for you, here's the Concept X1, which is a lightly veiled version of the production soft ute you'll see in BMW dealers shortly. Yeech. We can't fathom how it's going to be that much different than the X3, seeing as BMWs famliy tree among 1 and 3 series vehicles is starting to look as inbred as English Aristocracy, but we're going to go way out on a limb and suggest that it's a little tighter in most dimensions while sharing powertrains. Styling-wise, as long as you ignore anything forward of the A-pillar, you'll be okay. It's largely standard BMW fare, just scaled down. We're not quite sure what happened up front - it's bad. From the visage that's evocative of the 7 series to the oddly shaped wheel arches, it just doesn't come together, and the way the proboscis sticks out when viewing the X1's profile borders on disturbing. The most amazing thing: people will fall all over themselves to buy it. It'll definitely drive like a BMW, a redeeming trait, but we'd much rather see a 135 shooting brake.

[Source: Bimmerpost]

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