Controlled Power Technologies claims its new electrically-driven supercharger is ready for production and the company is looking for OEM customers. With so many automakers moving to smaller displacement engines with turbocharging to provide power as needed, this could be an excellent alternative. An electrically-driven boosting system would give engineers greater flexibility in packaging. Installing a turbocharger requires plumbing from the exhaust side of the engine to the intake. An electric supercharger can be mounted close to the intake ports allowing for quicker boost response when the driver needs to accelerate. The engine management system can spin up the electric motor on demand so that boost can also build faster. Such a system would also have much lower parasitic losses than a mechanically-driven blower.

A electric blower could also be used to take advantage of the extra electric power available from a brake energy regeneration system such as that used by BMW, even without a full hybrid system. CPT also claims that the electric blower can reduce the particulate emissions of a diesel engine, because it responds better at low engine speeds. Because of the low investment required to implement the electric supercharger, CPT is hoping for some niche manufacturers to take up the device.

[Source: Controlled Power Technologies]

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