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Mass transit is a concept that holds significant promise in the U.S. as it is currently very under-utilized. Train travel has become more popular now that the price of gas has rocketed upwards, but rails only go in certain directions and there isn't always a solid route to your chosen destination. The highway system in this country, on the other hand, is huge and connects every major city in the country with each other (well, except Honolulu). So, what if you could combine the passenger-carrying abilities of the train with the abundant routes of the bus? That's exactly what a British company called Silvertip Design has envisioned with its Blade Runner concept. The machine carries two sets of wheels, one appropriate for highway driving and the other set up for rails. By using railways when possible, traffic wouldn't be a problem, and when the route needs to take a different direction, highways can be used to get to the proper set of tracks. Like modern trains, a diesel engine would power a generator, providing electric power to the wheels.

[Source: Indian Autos Blog]

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