It was bound to happen, but it hurts nonetheless. The KTM X-Bow is hot off the presses, and it didn't take long for some brand new ones to show up on the 'Ring in Germany with their new owners behind the wheel. That hallowed circuit has led to the demise of more than a few machines, not to mention their drivers, and will inevitably continue to claim casualties as racers test their skills on its winding asphalt. The latest victim is one of the aforementioned German-powered, Austrian-built sportscars from KTM. According to reports, the car spent some time skidding on two wheels -- fitting considering KTM's motorcycle heritage -- before meeting the barrier and coming to an involuntary halt. Fortunately, it appears as if the carbon-heavy structure did its job well and protected the owner and passenger. It breaks the heart, but rest assured, it won't be the last. Click on the cropped pic for full-size shots of the carnage. Thanks for the tip, everyone!
[Source: The Sun]

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