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As gas prices rise, so it seems do the sales of gas-misers like scooters and small-bore motorcycles. Larger, more powerful and therefore more expensive motorcycles are doing the opposite, dropping in sales like the pickups and SUVs of the automotive realm, though surely for different reasons. Many of the pricier luxury items like that chromed-out Harley V-Twin you've lusted over for years are taking a back seat to keeping the Family Truckster filled up with gas, or even being replaced with a scooter. In fact, so far this year, scooter sales have risen an astounding 66 percent over the same period last year. Every manufacturer, from Piaggio and Vespa with their relatively small city-scoots to bigger machines like the Burgman from Suzuki, has reported double-digit gains. Instead of being ridden solely for the enjoyment of the rider, these machines are making the shorter trips and errand-runs that big SUVs were making not that long ago.

[Source: CNN Money]

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