The series premiere of Knight Rider on NBC last night pulled a 4.9/10 Nielsen rating in its 8PM time slot, which, according to, isn't exactly a stellar score for a series opener. In other words, Nielsen is estimating that 4.9% of all TV households were watching Knight Rider last night, and that group includes TV households that both did and did not have their TVs turned on at the time. The second number means that out of all the TVs turned on between 8PM and 9PM last night, 10% were watching Knight Rider.

How does that measure up with Knight Rider's competition on Wednesday nights? Not so hot. KR was third in the 18-49 demographic and 4th in the more important 18-34 demo. Robert Seldman who writes for tells us that the 18-34 year old demographic was even more interested in watching America's Next Top Model than Michael Knight, and that includes both males and females.

The Nunez household counted itself among the few that watched the Knight Rider premiere, and in case you missed it, check out Alex's liveblog of the first episode. He's promised to be in front of the tube each week so you don't have to.


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