Click above for shots of the Ruf CTR 3

German mag Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that longtime Porsche tuning specialist Ruf is planning to debut an all-electric version of the awesome Cayman sportscar. Could it be? An electric sportscar that isn't based on a platform from Lotus? We'll see next month, as that's when Ruf is scheduled to debut the new car. Initial specs indicate an electric motor with 150 kW of power. For comparison, the Tesla's latest motor offers up a bit more power, 185 kW to be specific. Still, there is much more than that figure that goes into determining overall performance. Ruf indicates that its new EV will offer peak torque of 650 Nm, much higher than Tesla's 375. Our very own Sam Abuelsamid suggests that Ruf may use a multi-geared transmission to attain its top speed of 200 kph, or about 125 miles per hour. Range is expected to be over 150 miles via a lithium ion battery pack. In any case, we are super excited to see what the German tuners have in store for us come next month.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport]

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