During a panel discussion on public transportation today at the Santa Monica AltCar Expo, Cristin Lindsay, senior director of the Automotive X Prize, gave us a bit more information about the teams that have signed up to participate in the race. You might remember that in late August, the X Prize foundation announced that there were over 100 teams that had signed up to compete for the $10 million prize. While we've gotten our fair share of interviews in with some of these teams, we certainly haven't looked at all of them and don't quite know what sorts of vehicles they're working on. Indeed, the foundation is still vetting the teams for the competition. Today, during the Big Blue Bus panel, Lindsay said that 50 of those teams are working on small neighborhood vehicles, including low-speed NEVs. So, if you're expecting a whole bunch of Tesla Roadsters in the race when it starts next year, might want to recheck your expectations.
You can hear Lindsay mention this X Prize update at around minute 29 in the audio included in this post.

UPDATE: well, maybe not.

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