There's a question that's sure to be on the minds of many of our devout readers: does the new Jetta TDI come close to the Prius when it comes to fuel mileage? We've had our first impression, and we'll see for ourselves soon enough when we get our hands on a new TDI for a long-term test, but Popular Mechanics has done some of the footwork for us already. In a test that wound its way both through California's inner trenches - the surface streets in LA *shudder* - along with some a good deal of snaking blacktop in between, the crew at PM kept separate logs for both city and highway mileage, all the time with a view towards fuel mileage. So, who won? Um, depends.

The Jetta bettered the Prius by less than one mile per gallon on the highway, as it rode its abundant torque to a mild victory. In the city, which is the traditional edge for the all hybrids, the Prius earned its fuel mileage crown back by besting the TDI by over ten miles per gallon. Plus, diesel fuel still costs a bit more than regular unleaded. That's not the whole story, though, as PM still preferred to spend time in the Jetta's interior. So, which do you choose? Why not tell us yourself in the comments.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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