Click above for more shots of this home-built Ariel Atom replica

Every once in a while, we run an article aimed at the do-it-yourself crowd. Usually, these things are not that difficult to accomplish, but today, we've found something a little bit more in-depth for those really hard-core recyclers out there. A man in Utah has taken various bit of scrap, a kayak, a doghouse and a wrecked car or two and made himself a very cool replica of the Ariel Atom. His car is fully registered and licensed for street use, though we can't imagine it's all that practical to drive every day. With its Honda K-series engine sourced from an Acura RSX and super light weight, the replica is pretty fuel efficient at over 35 miles per gallon as well as fast. The run to sixty takes just 4.5 seconds on the builder's stopwatch. Since so much of the car was either hand-built or procured second-hand, it took just $11,000 to make this dream into a reality. Well, that plus 800 hours of hard work.

[Sources: Flickr, MAKE]

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