It's no secret that our cars are quickly becoming extensions of our data-crazed lives. Everywhere we go, we surround ourselves with electronics meant to make our lives more convenient. Plus, most of these gadgets are just plain cool. Microsoft and Ford started something with the SYNC system and Apple has the market cornered with its iPod and iPhone, with integration of those i-devices now becoming popular options with car shoppers. Don't expect Google to sit back and watch. The internet giant has teamed up with an impressive list of major players, including Intel and Wind River Systems. These companies are actively working on getting their Android open-source operating system integrated into cars as we speak. If we had to wager a guess, it would be BMW that's most likely to roll out a new Android-powered infotainment system first, possibly as early as next year according to John Bruggeman, chief marketing officer at Wind River. For an early look at the first device with the Android OS, check out Engadget's recent feature.
[Source: CNET via Jalopnik]

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