The John McCain presidential campaign has started running a new TV ad in Michigan that simultaneously tries to pander to everyone. Earlier this year, while campaigning in the primaries, he told voters in Michigan and Ohio that "those (manufacturing) jobs aren't coming back." In that bygone era of six months ago, McCain was opposed to any kind of protection for American businesses from free trade policies. Now the new ad proclaims support for federal loans to help automakers re-tool to build more efficient vehicles and presumably compete with certain foreign automakers.
Right after that, the ad supports tax credits for clean vehicles. This, of course, is followed by the mantra of "drill baby, drill!" It doesn't actually use that phrase, but does express support for off-shore drilling on the grounds that it would "reduce the cost of gas and spur truck sales." The primary reason there is suddenly so much interest in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is because of that high cost of fuel. Reducing the price of fuel would reduce the demand for more efficient vehicles and act counter to that re-tooling the ad mentions only seconds earlier. After all, it is the same plants that build those trucks that McCain says he wants to spur sales of that are being re-tooled. Tell us Mr. McCain, what is it you stand for?

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[Source: YouTube]

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