Jeep EV

Along with all the photos of its new battery-powered vehicles, Chrysler yesterday also provided some video footage. The clips after the jump include Chrysler VP for ENVI, Lou Rhodes, discussing the electric vehicle program, and running footage of the Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep EVs. There isn't much new here but you might want to see these vehicles in action, silently humming along as they do their business. Although Chrysler has made some bold claims, it will be interesting to see which if any of these ever make it to mass production. The Jeep in particular is interesting because if Chrysler can build a commercially viable Jeep EV it could also presage a similar RAM.


[Source: Chrysler]

Lou Rhodes, Vice President - Advance Vehicle Engineering and President - ENVI, discusses Chrysler's trio of electric vehicle prototypes.

Dodge EV

Chrysler ER-EV

Jeep ER-EV

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