We won't have any official details on what will be powering the electric MINIs that we know will be prowling the streets next year until the vehicle is unveiled at the LA Auto Show later this year. That doesn't mean that we can't all speculate until then, right? We've seen spy shots of test vehicles (minus tail-pipes) on the road and we've seen some engine-less MINI carcasses coming out of the Oxford plant in England. While we can't pinpoint what type of battery or electric motor(s?) the car will come with, we may be able to rule a few things out. For instance, an inside source has reportedly told EVO that the Bavarian parents of the MINI brand have been testing both lithium ion batteries and hub-mounted electric motors with unsatisfactory results. So, it won't look like this. Will the cars get a nickel metal hydride battery or a Zebra battery like the current electric smart? Not sure. Any thoughts?

[Source: EVO]

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