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The Dodge Challenger SE is a good-looking coupe that dealers say is selling very well. We liked the base Challenger SE because it carried most of the styling cues of its far more expensive and fast SRT8 sibling at a reasonable price, and we can't wait to try out the mid-level HEMI-powered R/T. Chrysler is now looking to add still more visual bark for its bite-less V6 Challenger with an SXT trim package. Chrysler of Canada is researching what the SXT Challenger should look like, and the Pentastar recently displayed a mock-up of the coupe at the Georgian College Autoshow in Barrie, Ontario, Canada to gauge interest. Chrysler surveyed Canadians regarding whether the SXT Challenger should receive a racing stripe, and also gave onlookers a choice of an 18-inch Mopar rim, or some played-out chrome rims. Chrysler also asked how much the SXT package should cost, and we're hoping our northern neighbors checked the "Less than $500" box, if only because the other choices were more expensive. The Cheers and Gears forums suggest that the SXT model may be for Canada only, but we have no information either way. Check out pics in our gallery below and click through to Cheers and Gears for more.

[Source: Cheers and Gears]

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