It's not easy being a carbon-fuel provider these days. They bear the responsibility for keeping the entire economy moving along like a well-oiled machine. They get you you to work, your kids to school, and your food to your family table. Everybody depends on them and they bear that responsibility remarkably well by never allowing our gas stations to run out, following a proper business model so they can offer reasonable prices while not having to be subsidized by your tax dollars and if they make a mess somewhere, they clean it up completely without whining or prolonged court battles trying to weasel their way out of their obligations. They even give billions of dollars to public health agencies to help offset the health care cost associated with using their product. It's quite a burden and yet their kindness is starting to repaid by people looking for alternatives to buying their product.

We aren't the only ones who feel these companies are being disrespected this way either. Just recently, an artist in the Los Angeles area by the name of Donny Miller took it upon himself to create signs for assorted gasoline retailers that point to some of the positive things that they do in addition to being the energy backbone of our nation. We are pretty sure he didn't bill any of the companies for his efforts and though he could only commit his humanitarian gesture in one small part of our great country, he had some of the installations recorded on video and posted the effort on YouTube. So, without further ado, hit the jump for video of this creative genius at work and please, remember him in your prayers personal meditations tonight.

[Source: YouTube]

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