This has got to be karmically bad, but you still have to admire the guy. Mr. Shah, a personal trainer living in West London, had illegally parked his E39 5-Series due to a misinterpretation of the parking signs near his home. The reason for the infraction was no matter to tow truck operators, who started winching the BMW up on a flatbed in order to cart the offending vehicle off to the pound. Thinking fast, Shah hopped on the truck and snuck into his vehicle's back seat, pretending to have been sleeping in the car the whole time. Rather than pay the £250 fine, Shah refused to leave the car, and instead listened to music and ordered a sandwich from a local cafe. After a couple of hours, the standoff eventually stymied both the owner of the tow company and the police, ultimately ending in the release of the vehicle. Shah may have dodged a bullet this time, even though he's on the hook for a £60 parking ticket, but the fickle finger of fate may yet to deal his payback.
[Source: Daily Mail, Photo by Scuddr | CC 2.0]

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