Automobile races that try to put on a green mantle are seriously nothing new. There's Formula 1, Formula Zero, and ALMS to name just a few. Coming soon (well, in a year) to a country near you (if you live in Denmark) is a new eco-aware speed event called the CO2 E - Race. At least, that's what we think this this is about. The current website is woefully short on things like details.

What the site does say is that the idea behind the CO2 E - Race is that all of the vehicles involved must be carbon neutral. The reason for the race (and a car show) is the United Nations Global Climate Change Conference which takes place in Copenhagen next September. I expect we'll know more well before then. After all, getting the word out is part and parcel for these things, no? Thanks to Jacob for the tip!

[Source: CO2 E - Race]

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