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As we wrap up Chrysler EV day, Vice-Chairman Tom LaSorda, EVP-Product Development Frank Klegon and Chief Innovation officer Peter Arnell held a conference call to discuss their new offspring. As one might expect, the trio were deliberately vague on a lot of details but they did tell us a few things. Given Chrysler's partnership with General Motors on the Two-Mode Hybrid system (along with Daimler and BMW), it seems reasonable to ask if the cooperation extends to the ER-EV platforms. Klegon made it clear that Chrysler has done all the development of these vehicles in-house and with their suppliers. GM played no part in creating these vehicles, other than maybe some inspiration.

Development started in early 2007, and then moved into the ENVI group when it was formed one year ago. LaSorda emphasized that no production battery supplier has been selected and Chrysler is working with a number of vendors, including A123 Systems. Given that the Jeep and Chrysler have significantly larger battery packs than the Volt, that also points to a higher price. None of the officials would talk about potential pricing at this point but they did acknowledge that they are looking at some different models. They couldn't say which vehicle would be the first to be produced, that will depend on performance during development. They also said that these three will almost certainly not be the only such vehicles produced. The Dodge will likely get some styling tweaks to give it more of a family look before production. We'll be looking for a lot more details in the coming weeks and months.

[Source: Chrysler]

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