Click above for more high-res shots of the Brammo Enertia

We're not going to be posting on every single infusion of cash that a green start-up gets, but this one in particular is awfully interesting. First, the specifics: $10 million in funding has been secured by Brammo Motorsports for the production of its Enertia electric motorcycle, with Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital and Best Buy Capital being the two big contributors. That's right, Best Buy. This investment obviously leads many to believe that these new-fangled electric vehicles could show up in the retailer's showrooms. There are a few techy features that seem right up the Big Box retailer's alley, namely the on-board GPS chip and WiFi port, both of which help calculate your total carbon savings over a gas-powered machine.

This round of funding is said to be sufficient to bring the Brammo Enertia to production. When that date will be, though, is still not officially decided. Documents indicate that another $5 million may be made available to the company to facilitate its production intentions.

[Source: peHUB via The Kneeslider]

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