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Believe it or not, the Aston Martin you see above is really a previous generation Ford Mustang. Built by Canada-based Exclusive Motor Cars, the extensive conversion included stretching the wheelbase, widening the track, fitting a custom interior, and adding 34 composite body panels to convert the coupe into one of the most believable replicars we've ever seen.

Look familiar? You might remember seeing the car when we discovered it back in January, but it has since received some upgrades straight out of James Bond's V12 Vanquish in "Die Another Day". Of course, the hood-mounted machine guns and the rocket launcher in the grill won't be blowing up Bond villains any time soon, but you have to admit they're pretty cool. They even retract neatly into the bodywork with the simple touch of a button. The good news is that you can have one of your own through the car's distributor, Hillbank Motorsports. The bad news? It will cost you somewhere north of $100,000. We were fortunate enough to see the car in person, and took plenty of photos and a video showing the trick hide-away weapons. Hit the jump to see it in action.

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