It was only a few months ago that we informed you of a really heavy duty electric truck undergoing testing at the Port of Los Angeles. The Nautilus E30 from Balqon must have aced its audition because the company has just officially shown it off to the public at last week's CAPCOA Green Conference and Expo and announced its upcoming commercialization. There are orders for more of the behemoths from the Port of Los Angeles as well as from the AQMD. Union Pacific will incorporate the vehicle into its electric truck pilot program at the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility that it operates outside of the ports at Los Angeles and Long Beach. Balqon is so bullish on the future that they are moving their production facilities to Harbor City, California where they can produce up to 1,000 units a year.

The E30 retails for $208,500 and should, over 10 years, save about $400,000 in fuel while not emitting diesel smoke or a lot of noise and could help its California customers cope with stricter air pollution control programs. The truck can pull 60,0000 pounds and has a range between 30 and 60 miles. Though its customers can charge the lead acid batteries to 60 percent in one hour and completely full in 4 to 6 hours with an available fast-charging system, the batteries can also be swapped out in minutes. Bonus video of the E30 prototype going through its paces earlier this year as well as a press release after the jump.

[Source Balqon / Cunningham Report]


Balqon Corporation Unveils its Heavy Duty Electric Truck to the Public at the CAPCOA Conference and Exposition in Long Beach, California

Last update: 9:00 a.m. EDT Sept. 14, 2008

LONG BEACH, Calif., Sept 14, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Balqon Corporation, a California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, announced today that it will unveil its 60,000 lbs. capacity electric truck to the public for the first time at the CAPCOA conference and trade show in Long Beach, California being held at Long Beach Convention Center on September 14th through 16th.

Earlier this year, the Company's new product Nautilus E30 was recognized by the industry as the most powerful electric tractor in the world. This announcement is at the heels of the Company moving its production facilities to Harbor City, California, expanding its production capacity to over 1000 units a year. In 2008, the Company received production orders for its Nautilus product line from the Port of Los Angeles and AQMD.

"We are very encouraged by product test results and market acceptance of our products by customers worldwide," said Mr. Balwinder Samra, CEO of the Company. "Market acceptance of zero emission technology by customers worldwide has resulted in our decision to ramp up our production capacity to meet demand," he added.
Balqon Corporation electric tractors are designed for use in ports, warehouses, rail yards and intermodal facilities. The Company will start shipping production units in November 2008 to its customers worldwide.

Balqon Corporation is a leading developer of high capacity electric drive system and vehicles. The Company uses its advanced power electronics systems to power high capacity vehicles in both off-highway and on-highway applications. The Company partners with current manufacturers of high capacity vehicles to develop zero emission alternatives for markets such as ports, warehouses, rail yards and distribution facilities. For more information, visit

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