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Italian carrozzeria Pininfarina and French battery manufacturer Bollore have been hard at work developing a new plug-in electric car to bring to market, and reports now indicate that their joint venture will be unveiled next week at the Paris motor show.

Rather than designing the vehicle – which could borrow some themes from the Sintesi concept unveiled this past March at the Geneva Motor Show – for an established automaker, as Pininfarina has done for decades, the new electric car will be sold under their own name. The source of power in the new green creation will be a bank of lithium metal polymer batteries, and is the result of a 150 million euro joint venture between the two firms. It is expected to become available in Europe, Japan and even here in the good old US of A by late 2010, starting with an initial run of 2000 vehicles. In 2011, that number is targeted to increase to 8000 units, 11,000 in 2012 and 15,000 in subsequent years. Those are some ambitious but reasonably staggered targets for the upstart initiative, and we'll be on hand next week to bring you the latest from its unveiling.

[Source: Automotive News Europe – subs. req'd]

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