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Starting today, Europeans will be able to order the Fiat 500 by DIESEL. Yes, we know the car's already offered with a diesel, but we're not referring to the MultiJet engine here. This is a two-year special run done in partnership with the Italian clothing company. This style exercise is supposed to transform the 500 into an 'Urban Survival Vehicle." Apparently, all that's required for "urban survival" are some DIESEL logos, new trim on the bumpers and bodywork, exclusive wheels, three paint colors, and a dressed-up interior. 100-horsepower cars also get yellow brake calipers. Seeing as how 10,000 "by DIESEL" cars are planned, we have a feeling that the folks who really want one will find a way to get one. This isn't exactly as limited as some other 500s we've seen lately. Thanks to A-rod for the heads-up.

[Source: FIAT]

PRESS RELEASE (translated)
Fiat "500 by DIESEL" expression of the best Made in Italy

The Fiat 500 continues to make itself heard confirming genuine icon Made in Italy. This time he does so with the new "500 by DIESEL", an original fruit of collaboration between Fiat Brand and known brands of clothing Renzo Rosso. Produced in limited edition (10,000 copies in two years) and marketed from September 22, the car combines seemingly distant worlds: fashion el'automobilismo fact share important concepts such as talent, creativity, innovation and sympathy, in short, the ingredients of winning Italian style famous throughout the world.

In detail, the "500 by DIESEL" born by the joint designer of Fiat Style Center - led by Roberto Giolito, author of the new 500 - and DIESEL designer with a head Lars Schwartz. The objective of the project: to create an Urban Survival Vehicle, a car capable of easily extricate in city traffic and at the same time express the personality of a young and original score. Then, true to the "democratic" model, the "500 by DIESEL" confirming an exclusive product that meets the tastes of all potential customers, without distinction, from the most minimalist to the most eccentric.

Based on the Sport version, the special "500 by DIESEL" has been performing some aesthetic elements of strong visual impact, starting with the body color of green DIESEL "which refers to the livery dell'elicottero staff Renzo Rosso (available the other two colors, black and brown DIESEL). Moreover, outside, highlight the alloy wheels 16 "with Diesel logo, the brake calipers painted yellow (only version 1.4 of 100 hp), the side moldings with the word DIESEL and specific cap of rear-view mirrors. They two contents are painted steel satin as well as the grille, bumpers and distinctive "mustache" of the front. Finally, the display shows the rear logo DIESEL and five air inlets that reproduce the characteristic detail of the cooling system of 500 historic.

The same strong customization is found inside and shows the specific upholstery fabric made from denim (the seams are yellow) and branded DIESEL. The brand logo stands out on the instruments (marked by a yellow background) and gemstone exchange rate while on the side of the front seats, you notice a particular pocket deferring the fifth pocket of jeans DIESEL.

Finally, the "500 by DIESEL" will be available with all three propellers "Euro 5 Ready" in range (1.2 69 bhp, 1.3 Multijet 75 bhp with DPF and 1.4 16v 100 bhp), each with different skills, all fully exploited by 'Coupling with mechanical changes to 5 or 6-speed transmission (petrol engines can be combined with a change sequential robotic Dualogic 5-speed transmission).

Prices (turnkey) are 15,000 Euros for the "500 by DIESEL" equipped with the 1.2 69 bhp and 17,000 euros for versions with the 1.3 Multijet 75 bhp with DPF or 1.4 16v 100 bhp.

Torino 21 September 2008

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