The multinational consulting company Accenture has launched a new report on the future of biofuels. This time, it has a more optimistic tone than last time we heard from them. According to their conclusions, 10 to 15 percent of our fuel needs from 2020 to 2030 will be satisfied with biofuels. Nevertheless, the future won't be as easy as it was once thought: recent trouble in markets, as well as challenges in production, transport and distribution will slow the development of biofuels. When it comes to the food vs. biofuel debate, Accenture states that using food crops for fuel is one big factor against biofuel development, and that public powers have to regulate and control the sustainability of biofuel feedstocks to erase all concerns. There will be always demand for biofuels, since they offer flexibility in the energy market.
Unsurprisingly, Accenture's report also tells us to keep an eye on upcoming second-generation biofuels, which could make bio-based fuel more attractive to just about everyone. They also warn us to watch out for "competing technologies" such as EVs or hybrids, which are about to become mainstream.

[Source: Europa Press]

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